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How is DealStream different from other business for sale web sites?

Modified on: May 19th, 2018

There are a number of major differences:

  1. We attract different types of buyers: more international buyers, more private equity groups, and more corporate buyers.
  2. We have the most sophisticated software in the industry for matching buyers and sellers.
  3. We attract different types of listings: fewer small businesses, fewer franchises, and more large businesses. Many of our listings are exclusive to us - you won't find them on other web sites.
  4. We have a member database that can be used to find prospective buyers for a business.
  5. We allow people to create Business Wanted posts, a good way to find unlisted and pre-market businesses.
  6. We have member profiles and TrustShields - very useful for evaluating buyers.
  7. We have the safest website in the industry. No one does as much as we do to find and suspend fraudsters.

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